Whether you're a health coach working on your own, a small team launching a yoga retreat or a global wellness organisation, Samsara Communications will deliver the specialist wellbeing marketing you need. Dynamic marketing for conscious brands.

In the digital world we live in, visibility is vital. Yet it's likely that you have no time to work on writing blogs, contacting influencers or running your social media and you might feel like you're falling behind in your industry.  You may be lacking digital marketing skills, or you don't feel comfortable about 'putting yourself out there'. You want to feel confident and safe in the knowledge that your brand is being seen, and that your marketing activity is ultimately converting customers.  

We are transparent (you'll always know what we're working on for you); proactive (we don't sit around waiting for opportunities to appear, we create them); agile (if something's not working, we'll quickly adapt our strategy until it does), responsive (we communicate with relevance and intention at all times) and honest (we don't believe in marketing fluff). 


Ready to take your business to the next level, become visible to new customers and free up your time?

We'll seamlessly join the dots between your business objectives and your audience. Most importantly, we'll take a load off your shoulders and free up your precious time so you can focus on doing your thing. 

First, we'll start by getting clear on what you need, what your brand stands for and what your vision is. Once we're clear on your brand messages and marketing strategy, we'll hit the ground running with engaging your target audiences. This will include your unique mix of marketing, be it us creating managing your social media, getting bloggers excited about your business, writing blogs, managing brand partnerships on your behalf or whatever it is that you need. 

We'll set up an initial chat to see if we fit, then we will create a bespoke proposal for you.

When your marketing has to count, choose Samsara Communications. 

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If you have the time to do your own marketing / social media and are looking for expert guidance, we can work in the following ways: 

Marketing Strategy - 

We create practical and easy-to-follow marketing strategies, designed to help you engage with your target audience and build your business. 

Are you just about to launch and have no idea how to market yourself? Or perhaps you're further along the line and need to boost your business, we can help. Our bespoke marketing strategies are designed to support the unique vision of you and your wellness business.

After an initial discussion with you, we will advise you on any marketing needs, from how to write the About section of your website, to how to collaborate with other brands or run an event. 

Social Media Strategy - 

Social media needn't be scary. We'll create a bespoke strategy to empower you to be proud of your online presence, to create an engaged following and support your business objectives. 

Strategies typically include:

  • Aesthetic

  • Tone of voice

  • Content

  • Advertising

  • Scheduling / optimum times to post

  • Tips / Tricks / Tools for getting the most out of your social media content

  • Building brand awareness

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