Whether you're a health coach working on your own, a small team launching a yoga retreat or a global wellness organisation, Samsara Communications will deliver the specialist wellbeing marketing you need. Dynamic marketing for conscious brands.

In the digital world we live in, visibility is vital. Yet it's likely that you have no time to work on writing blogs, contacting influencers or running your social media and you might like you're falling behind in your industry.  You may be lacking digital marketing skills, or you don't feel comfortable about 'putting yourself out there'. You want to feel confident and safe in the knowledge that your brand is being seen, and that your marketing activity is ultimately converting customers.  

We are transparent (you'll always know what we're working on for you); proactive (we don't sit around waiting for opportunities to appear, we create them); agile (if something's not working, we'll quickly adapt our strategy until it does), responsive (we communicate with relevance and intention at all times) and honest (we don't believe in marketing fluff). 


3 - 6 Month Programme  

Ready to take your business to the next level? This programme is for you if you have a brand and are looking for dedicated all-round marketing support to do just that. By creating and becoming your marketing department, everything we do is about making you visible to new customers.

We'll seamlessly join the dots between your business objectives and your audience. Most importantly, we'll take a load off your shoulders and free up your precious time so you can focus on doing your thing. 

Typically this programme includes: 


This phase informs our process for your marketing activity. Understanding what your brand stands for is the foundation for great marketing:

  • Messaging Workshop - we'll start by working with you to review any existing marketing plans and clarify what you brand is all about and crucially - why people need to know about it.  
  • Social Media Strategy- maybe you've signed up to all the platforms but have been neglecting them, or maybe you're lacking the time to fuel your feed with inspiring updates. We'll analyse your current social media activity and work together to build an authentic social presence that lights up your business, attracts and converts new customers and maintains loyalty with existing ones.  
  • Blog Management - no time to write blogs, or don't know how to? The need for having high quality content from your brand cannot be ignored. We'll create specialist content for your website's blog and work to amplify it through external publications. 
  • Content Strategy - we'll ascertain what content we need to create, the frequency of publishing it and through which channels for maximum reach. 


Once we're clear on our brand messages and marketing strategy, we'll hit the ground running with engaging your target audiences. 

This phase typically includes:

  • PR & Blogger Engagement - an on-brand article in an influential publication can result in clients flooding through your doors months after it has appeared. Equally as powerful are authentic endorsements by bloggers trusted by thousands. 
  • Building Partnerships - raise your visibility by synergising with like-minded brands. Be it a joint workshop with a mindfulness collective to a pop up juice bar in an office block, the power of connection has never been stronger. 
  • Social Media Momentum - having agreed our strategy with you, we'll get started on building your presence across all relevant platforms. 
  • Regular Stream of Content - from managing your website's blog, to creating content in the form of email newsletters, ebooks, case studies, all designed with the aim to build and emotional connection with your audience.  
  • Updates - we don't believe in spending hours creating reports for the sake of it (we'd rather be getting on with the main work of getting you seen). You'll be regularly updated with our activity and they will be considered and relevant. 

We'll set up an initial chat so to see if we fit, then we will create a bespoke proposal for you.

When your marketing has to count, choose Samsara Communications. 

One-off projects

We are always happy to support you on short-term copywriting, social media or marketing projects. When you need it done well, speak to Samsara Communications!