Wellness Business Mentoring



Such a powerful session, I’m full of gratitude. Thank you so much, I got so much out of it and have a renewed focus. Very excited for what’s coming next.
— Giselle La Pompe-Moore, Project Ajna

Wellness Business & Marketing Coaching is for you if you

  • Are ready to grow your wellness business

  • Work a 9 to 5 and want to shift gears to create your dream wellness business or have an idea for a business that you just KNOW you need to act on

  • Feel stuck in your business and want to up-level, but aren’t sure how

  • Are open to learning new tools and techniques to help you grow

  • Need motivation, inspiration and accountability

  • Crave a community and connection in your business

  • Want to feel confident in your business and mission

  • Need expert guidance to fine-tune your business

  • Want to know how to pitch your product / service to journalists

  • Would like a marketing strategy to amplify your brand

Areas we frequently cover:

  • Identifying your target audience

  • Getting your ‘About’ page right

  • Reach new clients and keep existing ones engaged

  • Build powerful strategic collaborations and partnerships

  • Communicate your message effectively

  • Create cut-through in a crowded market

  • Monetise your skills

  • Empower yourself to do your own marketing

  • Cultivate an authentic social media presence

  • Harness the power of communication

  • Optimise your current marketing activity

  • Create a business strategy

  • Running successful events

  • Build compelling content - blogs, newsletters, social media posts

    You’ll leave with:

    A refreshed outlook on your business and its potential

    A clear set of actions to take to grow your business

    An emailed summary of our session to help you stay focused

    A renewed sense of purpose + confidence

Get in touch below with any questions or to book…