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CLARITY + CONFIDENCE Get clear on your vision, take inspired action and build the business of your dreams (whilst making a positive impact on the world).

BESPOKE + FOCUSED Whether you have so many ideas in your head that you’re struggling with where to start, feel overwhelmed by marketing, have no idea how to attract clients or just need an expert second opinion and guidance to enable your business to thrive, we can help.

EXPERT GUIDANCE + KNOWLEDGE Harnessing our ten years’ experience of marketing, communications, brand strategy and social media, plus our specialist expertise at the forefront of the wellness industry helping dozens of businesses grow, means we are perfectly positioned to guide you through the whole process of starting and developing your business

“Such a powerful session, I'm full of gratitude. Thank you so much, I got so much out of it and have a renewed focus. Very excited for what's coming next”

Giselle La Pompe-Moore, Project Ajna


Wellness Business & Marketing Coaching is for you if you:

  • Are ready to grow your wellness business, whatever stage you’re at

  • Work a 9 to 5 and want to shift gears to create your dream wellness business or have an idea for a business that you just KNOW you need to act on

  • Feel stuck in your business and want to up-level, but aren’t sure how

  • Are open to learning new tools and techniques to help you grow

  • Need motivation, inspiration and accountability

  • Crave a supportive community and connection in your business

  • Want to feel confident in your business and mission

  • Need expert guidance to fine-tune your business

  • Would like to truly own what makes you YOU and step into your power

  • Want to know how to pitch your product / service to journalists

  • Require a marketing strategy to amplify your brand

“We only seek authentic relationships to connect with that will nourish us personally and professionally. Helen's mentoring sessions offers on point specialist guidance and financial flexibility. As a small business, we look forward to investing in seasonal sessions”

Catherine Moore, mOORE & MOORE LIVING

Areas we frequently cover:

  • Identifying your target audience

  • Getting your ‘About’ page right

  • Reach new clients and keep existing ones engaged

  • Build powerful strategic collaborations and partnerships

  • Communicate your message effectively

  • Create cut-through in a crowded market

  • Monetise your skills

  • Empower yourself to do your own marketing

  • Cultivate an authentic social media presence

  • Harness the power of communication

  • Optimise your current marketing activity

  • Create a business strategy

  • Running successful events

  • Growing self-belief

  • Create compelling content - blogs, newsletters, social media posts etc

    You’ll leave with:

  • A refreshed outlook on your business and its potential

  • A clear set of actions to take to grow your business

  • An emailed summary of our session to help you stay focused, including links, resources and recommendations

  • A renewed sense of purpose + confidence


“I was looking for reassurance from a marketing professional already working with other businesses in the wellness sector before going live with my website. Helen was incredibly warm and welcoming and a great sounding board. When you're working on a startup (in a top bedroom!), you can feel quite isolated and lack self-belief, so my session with Helen was a great tonic and something I should do again!”

Ruth Clougherty, Gin & Yin Retreats



  • 75 minute Skype/Zoom session

  • Expert guidance tailored to your unique business needs

  • Leave with detailed notes + actions to continue momentum with

  • Build clarity + confidence in building your business

  • Investment: £120 per session (Price will increase from 1st September 2019)



  • 3 x 1.5 hours Skype/Zoom sessions weekly or fortnightly

  • Handouts and exercises to keep you motivated and inspired

  • Customised action plan

  • Ongoing email support for accountability

  • Resources, links and referrals to expand your vision

  • Free copy of the How To Build Your Wellness Business Handbook

  • INVESTMENT: £550 [Payment plans available on request]


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“From the initial contact with Helen, she was friendly and helpful over email. And then when we had our session, things came together perfectly! Through her questions she helped me drill down the basics for my business; and really helped me clarify questions I had. After our session, she even sent over notes from the call to refer back to. The experience was invaluable and inspiring and was amazing for clarifying my business ideas. Thank you Helen; I will be booking another session soon!”



NB: Please note no refunds are given