Mylky Moon Lab is a tribe of conscious female entrepreneurs and change makers created by Merilyn Keskula to rethink the future of work from the feminine perspective. Merilyn wants to kick-start a transformational shift in how women, create, run and develop their businesses.  The foundation for all of this starts with helping women to cultivate a deep awareness of their bodies and energy through re-connecting and aligning with natural cycles combined with support, connection and collaboration

What inspired you to set up Mylky Moon Lab?

The concept was born out of witnessing and experiencing how the feminine is not respected in the workplace. How we, as women (myself included), burn ourselves out by being misaligned with our feminine cycles and natural energetic blueprint. How we are being led by the mind rather than following the guidance of our intuition and our bodies when it comes to the work we do or life we live. 

Mylky Moon Lab is very much an R&D lab, meaning that the aim is to explore and learn together as a community - how we could better surrender to the deep wisdom of our bodies and cycles and be supported by other women (and also men). 

How do you stay inspired whilst running your own business?

It’s a journey, not a destination. I’m constantly learning and growing myself, and therefore being able to share more to inspire others. 

It’s a complex feminine journey, often contradictory, often uncomfortable, far from perfect, but deeply beautiful. What keeps me inspired is that it’s so much bigger than me or my journey - this work is coming from the source and I’m just the vehicle or messenger. It’s about changing the deep seated patterns and fears and bringing back deep respect for the feminine and the Earth. 

Also, I’m meeting amazing souls along the way, and the feedback has been incredible.

Photo credit: @anoncrafts

Photo credit: @anoncrafts

What's exciting you the most about wellness at the moment?

I love that personal wellbeing is becoming an integral part of (conscious) businesses and organisations, whether a freelancer or big corporation.

And, of course, the whole feminine empowerment movement is really raising its head and this is super exciting. The trends have been many - body-positivity movement, menstrual realness, “vagina-nomics”, free-bleeding - but regardless of the name or concept, I believe we are now ready to emerge from hiding and come back to our true power.

What's your biggest vision for Mylky Moon Lab?

I really want it to become a movement on its own by an ever-growing community. As a Lab, it should be a place of exploration and wonder. 

I’m dreaming of releasing an app in 2018, more workshops and events and a business incubator for female entrepreneurs ;)

Tell us an interesting fact about you….

I’m a 60s gal at heart….California, Summer of Love, music, lifestyle…. 10 years ago I lived in San Francisco and hung out with the guys (now in their 60s) from the first ever psychedelic band. 

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Meet our latest client - Everybody Yoga and Movement Studio in Oxford, which encompasses a brand new, inclusive, body positive and supportive approach to yoga and movement.

They support diversity in all its forms and teach beginners who have never been in a yoga class before, those who have an established practice and also have plenty to offer to full on yogis, alongside their barre, pilates and Qigong sessions. 

They understand that yoga can be an intimidating prospect, particularly if you’re not very flexible or the terminology is unfamiliar. But you can’t be bad at yoga.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 16.13.27.png

Yoga genuinely is a practice for all, and a growing body of research points to the benefits of yoga, not just for strength, flexibility and relaxation, but also for issues such as joint pain, arthritis, repetitive strain injuries, back pain, digestion, anxiety and depression

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Samantha Moyo in Namibia 

Samantha Moyo in Namibia 

Tamuka Talks on 30th November in London is an intimate talk and multi-sensory experience where a deep soul dive will be brought to life, in the name of cultural integration.

On a recent trip to Africa, Samantha Moyo's (founder of Morning Gloryville, TEDx speaker and leading social entrepreneur) whole life would change when a tour guide asked her: "Do you think people in England would come to Africa if there were no elephants?" How can we go on living knowing that someone in this world would even ask such a question? Where do we begin?

Join her as she hosts an immersive talk at a secret London location to bring her journey through Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa to life. This will be a multi-sensory experience including observations, stories, short interviews, sounds from the trip and the music...oh the music! We are so lucky to have Gnawa London playing trance spiritual shamanic drums and meditation sounds by the Ambassador of Gnawa culture in the the UK, Maalem Simo Lagnawi, as well as rising artist and Afropunk favourite Alxndr London. 

We will also screen a short film by Aoise Tutty and Sam called "Come See Me", showcasing their work in Malawi with the charity, Love Support Unite, to see the impact of the donations they and many others have contributed to over the years.

This is a 4-hour experience, with Q & A and a sexy Wild Alchemy Bar in collaboration with Mama Xanadu, featuring foraged mocktails and plant elixirs to address our internal alchemy and balance the five elements! 

25% of profits will go to the Tamuka Foundation, a new project being introduced on this evening.

Tamuka Talks is in association with Truth Theory, a new media facilitating the empowerment of humanity using honest, solution based and thought provoking ideas. They have partnered with Tamuka to co host and livestream Tamuka Talks: My Journey To Africa. At the event they will be talking about their role as an empowering media company, answer any questions and share their vision for the future of media.  

Tickets available here

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Samsara Communications client, The Retreat Kitchen, is a vegan cafe in the heart of Richmond. Launched earlier this year, the home of vibrant vegan food was set up by Maggie Nuttall, Claire Langdon and TV’s Nick Knowles following their life changing appearance on the BBC / Netflix programme, ‘The Retreat’. After experiencing a life changing month together in Thailand, they returned to the UK on a mission to spread their love of vegan, earth-friendly food far and wide.

Join them for their Fermented Foods & Sprouting Workshop on 13th November.   

Sharing your love of vegan cooking with The Retreat Kitchen was a dream for you during your time in Thailand, how did you bring it to life?

It was challenging, especially upon returning to the UK in the cold weather of February! It took a huge amount of self motivation and determination to continue with the vegan diet we had become used to at the retreat in Thailand. We had to make some huge changes and gain the support of our friends and families with our new way of eating and to build our food repertoire from scratch.

Vegan Chocolate Orange Layer Cake 

Vegan Chocolate Orange Layer Cake 

We both had a keen interest in cooking and were always asking the cooks how our food was made when we were in Thailand. We were lucky enough to have a few cooking lessons and got some recommendations for cookbooks and websites to kick things off.

It was very much trial and error and sharing tips and recipes with each other along the way - we both cooked solidly for the 12 months between returning home and opening the cafe!

When we came back from Thailand we made it our mission to bring The Retreat Kitchen to life. The timing was perfect - we were both looking for a change in direction and had already spoken about wanting to share the positive impact the vegan diet had had on our own health and wellbeing.

What are the challenges of setting up a vegan café?

There have been many! It’s been a wild ride. It was tricky to find a location where we felt that we would fit in and be successful was the key part. We love being in Richmond and part of the community there.

We have a unique selling point in that all the food we sell we make ourselves and is vegan but this can also be tough when we are so busy trying to keep up with demand!

It has been a conscious decision to do it this way - we hope that our love and passion comes across in our dishes when people eat them. We wanted everyone to enjoy our food and not just a place that is exclusively for vegans.

Vegan Hollandaise with Portobello Mushrooms & Avocado 

Vegan Hollandaise with Portobello Mushrooms & Avocado 

You (very bravely!) set up the cafe having had no professional training in this area - how has the learning curve been?

The learning curve has been very steep - we threw ourselves in at the deep end and started swimming very fast!

This may sound like a cliche but we have been totally blown away by the positive responses we have had on our dishes, we just work very hard at making food that we think people will enjoy.

We had a soft launch as we were nervous about coping with food orders and even using the coffee machine to make our speciality coffee. But we were very lucky - everyone has been very supportive and patient and our friends and family have helped out with a few shifts along the way! Maggie and I love interacting with people and enjoy being customer facing especially when we get to talk about our food and our Thailand retreat experience. We have certainly  learnt on the job and as our confidence has grown, so has our menu!

You're the first café to get the Vegetarian Society's new Vegan Approved accreditation: what does it involve?

We were very excited to be approached about this. We had our menu and ingredients inspected and we have shown that our products are free from animal flesh and that we don't use any ingredients resulting from slaughter, we are GMO free, cruelty free and that there is no cross contamination with non vegan ingredients during the production of our food. Because we are totally vegan this was quite a straightforward process for us and we now get to use The Vegetarian Society’s new vegan trademark on our menu which is an honour.

Vegan galore with fresh salad plates, Old Spike Roastery Coffee & fruit smoothies

Vegan galore with fresh salad plates, Old Spike Roastery Coffee & fruit smoothies

What have been The Retreat Kitchen’s bestsellers so far?

Our oat milk flat white is the best seller! We use Oatly barista edition which is creamy and sits so well on our coffee bean which is sourced from Old Spike Roastery in Peckham, a social enterprise that supports the homeless. They hand roast their coffee once a week and delivery is made via bicycle! Sadly we are just slightly too far away for that mode of delivery but we love that they keep their carbon emissions to a minimum where possible. It is very important to both of us to work with suppliers who share a similar outlook to us.

In terms of food, Maggie’s cashew cheesy leek and broccoli quiche is always a winner and our English breakfast muffin topped with spinach, portobello mushroom, sliced avocado and homemade vegan hollandaise sauce goes down a storm for breakfast.

What’s your big vision for The Retreat Kitchen?

Once we have got Richmond in the bag we would love to open more kitchens, but one step at a time!

What advice would you give to any would be entrepreneur who wants to set up in the same space?

Know your figures and do your research! Be realistic with what you can achieve. Plan for the worst case scenario and ask yourself the difficult questions before starting out. Talk to as many people as possible and find something that will make you stand out from your competition that means something to you.

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You blog at Cyn City and work as a digital consultant - how do you keep a work-life balance in a hectic city whilst juggling multiple roles?

Very good question. This is actually where I got my inspiration for my blog - how to balance working long hours while also having fun, exploring new cities, trying new foods and keeping healthy. My blog is my way of channeling my balance and therefore my passions and interests outside of work support my blog in terms of finding content and relevance and keeping it creative.

I love style: I pick up style magazines, peruse Pinterest and get up early each day to indulge in putting together an outfit based on the weather. Like clockwork my neighbours will see me pop my head out of my window at 7.40am to check the forecast and also see if the London general consensus is that you need a jacket #CyntraIsWatchingYou.

I love to cook: therefore I will go and listen to talks from new and upcoming chefs, go to new restaurants for brunches/dinners to be inspired and get copies of new cookbooks that come out. In that way I am always able to support my Instagram feed order with images.  

I love balance: I believe that exercise can usually solve most problems. If I have had a hard day and the sunshine is out you will find me walking home from Soho with my favourite playlist on to let go of the day. I practice Pilates and will take time each week to keep sane. I also indulge with Rosé in the sunshine with pals when I just need to unwind.

All of the above keeps my mind balanced and my creative juices flowing.

What are your top tips for those looking to start their own lifestyle / wellness platform?

1) Ask questions and reach out to people already doing it. The network of other blogger friends I have is great and we always support each other.

2) Get a really good website designer who knows a thing or two about SEO.

3) Be authentic - it is very easy to see someone doing well and be like "yeah I want to do that" but unless it comes from the heart it will be transparent and you will lose interest.

What has been your biggest challenge since setting up Cyn City, and how have you overcome it?

Photography. Lifestyle platforms must be visually stimulating - it is what makes people come back for more. I have never been taught how to take pictures or edit for that matter and teaching myself has been a process of trials and fails but slowly I am getting there. The way I have over come it is by going to as many photography workshops as possible and YouTube videos - they really are so helpful.

Instagram: Taking pictures of myself. I hate it. I get so cringed out by having my photo taken and have done since a child. I would either go cross-eyed or stick my tongue out as a kid and now that has transpired to me always wearing sunglasses or going for a pout. The way I have overcome this - well I haven't - but it's just taking a breath and not being overly analytical when I post the photo.

How do you prefer to work with brands?

I only work with brands I like. Whether it is sponsored/ paid or on a gift basis - I will only represent brands I truly use or enjoy. I have been contacted in the past and been offered large amounts to put my face to some chemicals or pills which are supposed to make you magically: slimmer, prettier, sportier or a unicorn (I jest) but I feel that to truly represent myself and be authentic I only work with people or brands which I believe in.

By having this mantra, I have met some incredible people and brands and have stayed friendly building my network. It is lovely to see brands growing from strength to strength. I will quite often feature a product on my website from a brand I like just to show love and support when un-requested. As I said, Cyn City is my passion.

Do you have any tips you can share on how to build an authentic social media following in the wellness world?

Network, hashtag, comment and like within your niche. Never be afraid to ask for a follow back when you meet people. Comment on pictures - you will be surprised at how even the biggest bloggers out there will respond to you - which may lead to people click on your Instagram, which then may take them to your blog and there you have it - you have already grown your following.

Get out to wellness events and network. I have met some truly inspiring people by doing this. I have met, chatted and been followed by people who only had 3k followers at an event and now have grown to have 1.9million and love #midgettrees (no name dropping here).

Hashtag and check the hashtags you use to like others within your niche. I will always have a look at people who follow and comment on my pictures who found me through a hashtag and I will follow them back if I like their content.

If you do you and it makes you happy people will naturally align to that. Keep at it and stay positive, and of course, balanced.

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Interview with Kat & Vanessa from wellness blog Brunch n Grind

Interview with Kat & Vanessa from wellness blog Brunch n Grind

Your mission with Brunch n Grind is to 'demystify' the at times intimidating world of fitness - has fitness always been a big part of your lives?

Kat: Fitness and dance has been in my life from a very early age. Growing up I played netball and took my ballet exams with the Royal Academy of Dance. However, as I grew up and went off to uni I lost my love for staying active. It wasn’t until I moved to London (in my late twenties) that I found the fun in fitness again. My approach to staying active is now different and I work out to have fun with my friends, get those endorphins pumping and to help reduce anxiety and stress. I used to see fitness as a chore but by trying lots of new classes in London I’ve found some great forms of exercise that I’ll happily get out of bed at 6.30am for!

Vanessa: In a word: no. After a decade of boozing and partying through my twenties, I suddenly found myself on the wrong side of thirty with a body I didn’t recognise! As a weight loss tactic, I took up running and fell into a love/hate relationship with it but went on to run 2 marathons and a handful of halves. I’ve been an on-and- off yogi for years, using it to counterbalance stress and keep me grounded, but I’ve always had a general dislike for gyms, feeling out of place or self-conscious. One of the main reasons we launched Brunch n Grind was to help others push past their comfort zone and get stuck in to everything from boxing to bouldering, until they find a form of exercise they love - paired with a fab brunch destination, of course!

Do you think it's important to have a niche as bloggers?

Definitely. The market is pretty saturated when it comes to blogging but we’re firm believers in raising each other up and making space for everyone to share the experience. We see Brunch n Grind as your ultimate guide to London’s wellness scene, like TimeOut but especially for fitness lovers and foodies. We want to be the go-to website for Londoners on the hunt for a sweat sesh and undiscovered brunch spot. We bring our readers reviews, tips, exclusive discounts, giveaways and opinion pieces documenting our own fitness journey.

How do you prefer to work with brands?

We reach out to brands that we know our audience will love and we also get approached by brands that want to work with us. We’re continually networking and discussing opportunities to collaborate with various studios, activewear brands and restaurants but at the heart of everything we do, we look for authenticity and aligned values. We know how important it is to gain our readers’ trust and loyalty so we’d never try to short change them with poor content or paid posts that don’t fit in with our inclusive, body confident approach to wellbeing.

Do you have any tips you could share on crafting a unique tone / voice / brand for would-be wellness bloggers?

We started by looking at other brands and bloggers that inspire us to see how they were creating content and building a brand. It helps to draw from a wide pool of references and create a list or mood board of things you notice from their written language and image treatment. Stay open to evolving your tone and branding as you get to know your audience demographic. It takes time to realise what your brand stands for and communicate that effectively, but don’t get too hung up on that to start with or you’ll never launch a thing!

What's your ultimate dream for Brunch n Grind?

We’ve been busy building this fabulous community of like-minded fitness and food lovers
and now we want to bring them all together in real life with a series of events! Ultimately
we’d love Brunch n Grind to grow into a well-known platform, spreading the endorphins and
brunch love far and wide! We dream of one day launching our own products from beauty and
activewear to books and apps or going global with content hubs for all continents. For now
though, we’re taking it one squat at a time on our journey to world domination!

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How To Work With Wellness Social Media Influencers

How To Work With Wellness Social Media Influencers

Working with wellness influencers is quickly becoming more and more prevalent in the industry. For wellness brands looking to increase their audiences, strategically partnering with those with large profiles is a great way to build your brand. Yet a social media influencer programme must be executed in a considered way - read on to find out how. 

5 Great Wellness Sites To Read

5 Great Wellness Sites To Read

With the wealth of information available on every aspect of wellness, it can be confusing and overwhelming to find exactly what you need. Here's our pick our favourite online destinations for high quality wellness news and advice. These wellness sites are our regular go-to sources for inspiration and we hope you find them useful.