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Back in 2012 investment banker David Newell was battling severe anxiety and depression, a host of physical illnesses and feeling increasingly disillusioned with life in the corporate world.

What followed was a deep dive into wellness and spirituality as David journeyed far and wide both literally and metaphorically to uncover his own inner truth, meaning and purpose.

The fruits of his labour are Inner Truth - the UK’s first audio platform for self discovery - featuring a host of interviews with leading writer, speakers artists and visionaries at the forefront of inner wellbeing including Ruby Warrington, former features editor of Sunday Times Style and founder of The Numinous, singer/songwriter Nick Mulvey and Hollywood’s favourite healer, Shaman Durek.

Inner Truth also hosts a range of transformational audio courses.

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5 Great Wellness Sites To Read

5 Great Wellness Sites To Read

With the wealth of information available on every aspect of wellness, it can be confusing and overwhelming to find exactly what you need. Here's our pick our favourite online destinations for high quality wellness news and advice. These wellness sites are our regular go-to sources for inspiration and we hope you find them useful.