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Mylky Moon Lab is a tribe of conscious female entrepreneurs and change makers created by Merilyn Keskula to rethink the future of work from the feminine perspective. Merilyn wants to kick-start a transformational shift in how women, create, run and develop their businesses.  The foundation for all of this starts with helping women to cultivate a deep awareness of their bodies and energy through re-connecting and aligning with natural cycles combined with support, connection and collaboration

What inspired you to set up Mylky Moon Lab?

The concept was born out of witnessing and experiencing how the feminine is not respected in the workplace. How we, as women (myself included), burn ourselves out by being misaligned with our feminine cycles and natural energetic blueprint. How we are being led by the mind rather than following the guidance of our intuition and our bodies when it comes to the work we do or life we live. 

Mylky Moon Lab is very much an R&D lab, meaning that the aim is to explore and learn together as a community - how we could better surrender to the deep wisdom of our bodies and cycles and be supported by other women (and also men). 

How do you stay inspired whilst running your own business?

It’s a journey, not a destination. I’m constantly learning and growing myself, and therefore being able to share more to inspire others. 

It’s a complex feminine journey, often contradictory, often uncomfortable, far from perfect, but deeply beautiful. What keeps me inspired is that it’s so much bigger than me or my journey - this work is coming from the source and I’m just the vehicle or messenger. It’s about changing the deep seated patterns and fears and bringing back deep respect for the feminine and the Earth. 

Also, I’m meeting amazing souls along the way, and the feedback has been incredible.

Photo credit: @anoncrafts

Photo credit: @anoncrafts

What's exciting you the most about wellness at the moment?

I love that personal wellbeing is becoming an integral part of (conscious) businesses and organisations, whether a freelancer or big corporation.

And, of course, the whole feminine empowerment movement is really raising its head and this is super exciting. The trends have been many - body-positivity movement, menstrual realness, “vagina-nomics”, free-bleeding - but regardless of the name or concept, I believe we are now ready to emerge from hiding and come back to our true power.

What's your biggest vision for Mylky Moon Lab?

I really want it to become a movement on its own by an ever-growing community. As a Lab, it should be a place of exploration and wonder. 

I’m dreaming of releasing an app in 2018, more workshops and events and a business incubator for female entrepreneurs ;)

Tell us an interesting fact about you….

I’m a 60s gal at heart….California, Summer of Love, music, lifestyle…. 10 years ago I lived in San Francisco and hung out with the guys (now in their 60s) from the first ever psychedelic band. 

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Samantha Moyo in Namibia 

Samantha Moyo in Namibia 

Tamuka Talks on 30th November in London is an intimate talk and multi-sensory experience where a deep soul dive will be brought to life, in the name of cultural integration.

On a recent trip to Africa, Samantha Moyo's (founder of Morning Gloryville, TEDx speaker and leading social entrepreneur) whole life would change when a tour guide asked her: "Do you think people in England would come to Africa if there were no elephants?" How can we go on living knowing that someone in this world would even ask such a question? Where do we begin?

Join her as she hosts an immersive talk at a secret London location to bring her journey through Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa to life. This will be a multi-sensory experience including observations, stories, short interviews, sounds from the trip and the music...oh the music! We are so lucky to have Gnawa London playing trance spiritual shamanic drums and meditation sounds by the Ambassador of Gnawa culture in the the UK, Maalem Simo Lagnawi, as well as rising artist and Afropunk favourite Alxndr London. 

We will also screen a short film by Aoise Tutty and Sam called "Come See Me", showcasing their work in Malawi with the charity, Love Support Unite, to see the impact of the donations they and many others have contributed to over the years.

This is a 4-hour experience, with Q & A and a sexy Wild Alchemy Bar in collaboration with Mama Xanadu, featuring foraged mocktails and plant elixirs to address our internal alchemy and balance the five elements! 

25% of profits will go to the Tamuka Foundation, a new project being introduced on this evening.

Tamuka Talks is in association with Truth Theory, a new media facilitating the empowerment of humanity using honest, solution based and thought provoking ideas. They have partnered with Tamuka to co host and livestream Tamuka Talks: My Journey To Africa. At the event they will be talking about their role as an empowering media company, answer any questions and share their vision for the future of media.  

Tickets available here

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