Steve Dell provides Hypnotherapy for Londoners at his practices in Muswell Hill and Farringdon. Previously working in the advertising industry, Steve now helps Londoners overcome issues such as anxiety, depression, sleep troubles, stage fright, fears and phobias and more in just a few sessions. 

We spoke to our client Steve about what hypnotherapy really is and who it can benefit: 

What type of hypnotherapy do you provide? 

I work with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which is a modern, optimistic and positive form of therapy. Using this method, I avoid delving into and reinforcing any negative patterns of behaviour and instead I help my clients build new, mentally-healthy, positive ones - allowing the old ones just to fade away. Now as far as I’m aware, there’s no rule out there that says therapy should be arduous and punishing, painful and apologetic. The whole therapy experience is in fact allowed to be enjoyable and playful; with the delightful added bonus of profound results on the side! This is particularly a feature of the area of therapy I work in, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

Working together, we will be able to reduce your levels of anxiety or panic; leave any depressed moods back in the cave where they belong; conquer any phobias or fears; remove a trauma (including PTSD) and make it feel like a safe, distant memory; improve your sleep patterns; regain control over your weight; stop smoking or just generally feel more confident, creative, motivated and happy.

I guide and support my clients to get from where they are, to where they want to be, in a relatively short period of time. I then work to maintain those new-found mentally-healthy patterns. Removing the bad habits and negative patterns frees up so much spare capacity in the brain that the knock on effect will be a wonderful increase in optimism, energy and focus.

How can hypnotherapy help with, say depression?

There’s a part of our brain whose job is to step in when it feels that our life is in some sort of crisis or emergency. It’s popularly known as the Fight, Flight or Freeze part, it’s very primitive and it’s there to ensure our survival, and sometimes, as we saw with our cave-dwelling ancestors, sometimes that something is to do nothing, shut-down and stop interacting with the world.

Primitive survival often meant shutting ourselves away in our caves and conserving our limited resources, while waiting until the weather outside the cave improved or any dangerous threat outside the cave had moved on.  

We’ve adapted this particular primitive response to all our modern day symptoms of depression.  Sometimes though, shutting ourselves away in our cave can set about a self-defeating pattern of behaviour. The more we shut down, the less receptive we are to any signs of spring arriving; and the more stuck we feel. Depression can often happen as a result of a gradual build-up of stresses in our lives, coupled with our inability to process those stresses. And sometimes this overflow comes in the form of depression. It’s the Freeze part of the system and it’s the brain’s way of telling us to do something to ensure our survival.

With hypnotherapy, I can help you reduce that accumulation of stresses, bring calmness to your mind and help your brain reinterpret life rationally and appropriately. Removing these negative patterns frees up so much spare capacity in the brain that the knock on effect is a wonderful increase in optimism, energy and focus. Feeling gradually more confident, you will start to change those wintery patterns of behaviour to more positive ones outside the cave.  And soon you will find those low moods, that have too much control over your life, will make way for spring’s arrival.

How can it make a person more confident? 

Many of us are not so sure about our value in the world. What people think about us not only effects our mood, it also effects our employment, our relationships and our ability to achieve anything.What we really need is an appropriate amount of confidence, an absence of self-sabotaging thoughts and an ability to still make mistakes without feeling crushed and defeated. Resilience in other words.

I will help you to build up your confidence and the way you see yourself, using a combination of visualisation and suggestions as well as achievable goals that you set yourselves each week, so that your confidence moves in the direction you want it to, and is based on small but actual successes rather than imaginary wand-waving; And these successes will act as building blocks for further success. Success that will have the effect of increasing your resilience, giving you a feeling of mightiness and powerfulness so that you can even feel open to criticism and alternative views, without feeling your very being is under threat!

Real power, genuine confidence and healthy self-esteem.

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