Our client Nicky Clinch is a Transformational Life Coach, Certified Macrobiotic Chef and Counsellor who empowers and inspires others to come back home to their most free and authentic selves.

Through her powerful blend of spiritual and emotional healing and Eastern medicine, Nicky guides people to thrive in their health, lives and self-expression.  Nicky has been on her own personal journey of transformation over the past 20 years, from the depths of addiction and eating disorders to now fast becoming a leading pioneer in the wellness and self development world.
Also a passionate macrobiotic chef, Nicky is skilled in creating food that is delicious, abundant and beautiful that also creates a solid foundation for the transformation she takes people through. Nicky leads regular sold out transformational workshops, events, courses and a podcast, during which she takes her attendees through life changing breakthroughs.

Join her on February 16th for 'Being In Heart', her signature transformational workshop. 

In NIcky's words, "Being in Heart is a fully immersive transformational workshop, where you will be guided in breaking free of what is blocking your heart, allowing you to come back home to the authentic heart space that is your authentic YOU. So you can begin to feel more free and available in your life and come from a space of authentic love. Through many sensory tools, music, sound, movement and human stories we will begin to soften the holding of your hearts, enabling your heart energy to flow fully and freely. Together we will explore the journey of living fully as our authentic selves in our life, without the need to hide or run away. Becoming fully available to ourselves and others, allowing us to give and receive love fully. And softening into the very power, abundance, light and joy that lies within us."