‘Influencers’ - a word that has quickly become an everyday feature of our marketing vocabulary.

Strategically partnering with individuals in the wellness industry with high social media followings can be a powerful way to get your brand seen, yet needs to be executed with consideration. Here are some things to think about before entering this new world of wellness marketing: 

1. Set your strategy

Get clear on the following questions before you start working with wellness influencers:

Why do you want to work with influencers - to grow your Instagram presence? To promote a new product / service? To boost brand awareness in general? 

How much budget do you have to spend with influencers (be this monetary payment to them for an endorsement, or in terms of the amount of product you have available to use as an exchange)?

How much time do you have to devote to researching influencers that resonate with your brand, contacting them, nurturing the relationship and monitoring coverage?

What exactly are you offering influencers in exchange for coverage / endorsement - a goody bag of your products, gift vouchers, a course or a class?

Are you confident in your offering, what your brand stands for and how it makes a positive impact on your customers’ lives? Why would an influencer and their audience be interested in your brand?

Are you looking for a one-off collaboration or a longer-term partnership?

2. Do your research

Make sure that you are following the influencers you want to endorse your brand - subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on their social channels at the very least. Become familiar with what they frequently write, talk about and feature and whether or not they have a niche. Many influencers clearly state on their websites how they prefer to work with brands and often discuss whether they require payment. Make sure you have read this before approaching them. 

3. Be clear and collaborative

Working with wellness influencers requires collaboration - be prepared to negotiate on terms of engagement that are going to be beneficial for both parties. For example - you might envision a blog post from your chosen influencer in exchange for a goody bag of products, whereas the influencer may see it working best for them as an Instagram story. Be transparent and clear at all times, right from the beginning to avoid confusion or disappointment further down the line.

4. Payment

Many influencers, especially those with huge followings, expect payment and may even work with agents to manage their relationships with brands. 

Before you pay, it is important to check the engagement of accounts. For example, someone may have thousands of followers, but how many likes do their posts receive? Do their fans comment on their posts? Some Instagram users 'buy' fake followers, something you can read more about here

If you have a small or no budget, targeting influencers with smaller followings but higher engagement can be well worth it.

If you are looking for support in working with wellness influencers to build your wellness brand, see here for more information about our offering or get in touch here to discuss your needs further.